Wacky Spotlight: Interview with Mansidak, Founder of FROST

It was too early on a Saturday morning in January to deal with strangers in my Instagram inbox. Yawning, I opened up the forums instead and checked my notifications. Something had happened overnight. Who was this Manisdak person replying to me on that thread about Frost? His profile said he was an engineering student and…FOUNDER […]

Wacky Celebrates: International Women’s Day 2021!

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Wacky! Today is all about shining a light on women’s struggles and achievements as we renew our commitment to a gender-equal future. Stories are a powerful medium for showing the world who women can be and what they are capable of, […]

Featured Author: Crystal Crown Grand Winner, Mittu!

Hey there, Wacky Writers! Last month, we announced the results of our Crystal Crown writing competition and now it’s finally time to introduce you to our Grand Winner, Mittu (@dreamsinwords)! How do you feel about winning? I really didn’t expect it! When it was January 31st morning for me I […]

Crytal Crown Grand Winner: Dear John by dreamsinwords

Dear John by dreamsinwords Wherever you are, dear John, you’re probably drinking away your sorrows. If only I could do the same. The day you ducked into Ura Mado in indescribable haste, I wasn’t expecting a customer to look me in the eye and say, “Hell of a crazy weather, […]

Crystal Crown Runner-Up: Keeper of the Lost by O_X

Keeper of the Lost by O_X ፗ was never what you would call, per-say, a normal human. No, by normal standards I was a complete disaster; wrecked, torn apart, different. But, what I believe, is that I am not lost among the crowd of hundreds ーmerely on a journey, a […]

Featured Author: Self-Publishing with Lavinia Thompson

Wacky Writers had the wonderful opportunity to interview Lavinia Thompson, a self-published author, to talk about the trials and triumphs that come with writing and releasing works into the market as a self-publisher. We sent Lavinia a list of questions about self-publishing and how she has navigated the journey! We […]

The Tip Cauldron #2: Preptober, Pantsing and Writing Numbers

Welcome to a brand-new edition of our agon- I mean, advice column! Today we’re tackling a few seasonal topics, like pantsing and #Preptober (how’s your NaNoWriMo going, by the way?), along with a couple more general ones, like writing numbers and starting a book. Read on to find out which juicy […]