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    @stella_vigo Your projects sound really interesting! Is the Other Realms a series connected by overarching plot or a series in the sense that it’s got the same world and same characters?
    And yes, I agree! I don’t like too much detail in my romance, either.

    • @novel_worm Thanks! The Other Realms Series is a series mainly because it takes place in the same universe and has the same main cast. I wouldn’t really say there’s an overarching plot, hehe, unless you count trying to master your powers over the course of a few years an overarching plot 😅

      I know right? I don’t know about you but I find it harde…Read More

      • OOH. That sounds intriguing!
        Yeah, I don’t really mind romance as is, but the moment you go too in-depth, I’m going to gloss over the dialogue and skip the prose if I like that book. If not, it’s an instant DNF.

      • And the one I have on wacky is part of a series, I’m not sure if it’s a duology or trilogy yet, I keep changing my mind, lol.

        • Ooooh, a series! Yeah, I feel that too. The Other Realms Series was originally a trilogy in its first draft, but then I took it down. Now I plan to have five books in the series, although that figure might change as time passes XD

          • OOh damn. I had a quartret, then I moved to trilogy with two spin offs, now I have a duology with spin offs just a possibility. But I do know I have another story (may or may not be a series) set in the same world in the past and the origin of my villain, and I have another story set in the same world, too.


An engineering student who loves writing stories, listening to music, and playing the piano. Born and raised in Asia by Asian parents, but is most fluent in English. Also overuses semicolons to a great extent. Mostly writes prose, but sometimes writes poetry too.

Not all of them [Chopin’s pieces] are hard, but they all sound beautiful. To me, at least.

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