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    Sofia wrote a new book: Tiff

    2 weeks, 1 day ago


    Society is a mess. The city is crumbling. Everything’s burning up. And Ash just wants his best friend back. The day Tiff left, everything changed. It’s not that everything changed because Tiff left, it’s that the departure was timed perfectly, and Ash’s best friend was gone before everything fell apart. Alone and afraid in a dangerous new world, Ash is doing his best to provide for himself and his siblings. But as his morals are tested and his life continues to unravel, Ash struggles to adapt to life without Tiff—and starts to wonder whether his friend was ever really there at all. This short story is a sequel to my story “Selene,” which can be found on my profile. While “Tiff” can be read as a standalone, reading “Selene” beforehand is strongly recommended. Cover by @Manya707


Hey, guys!! I’m Sofia (any/all pronouns). I write mainly sci-fi and fantasy, along with the occasional YA disaster story.

People kiss in my stories sometimes. And it’s not always a boy and a girl. (Let’s be real, it’s not usually a boy and a girl.) If that’s not your cup of tea, probably best to move on.

My stories:

Selene—a dark, melancholy, and unapologetically queer story about a young aspiring military recruit whose blind loyalty to the Empire makes it hard to see the flaws in the system.


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