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    Jan Karlsson updated Leaves!

    4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Jan Karlsson updated Leaves!


Bragging again (sorry, sorry, sorry), but “Foston Slacks – Time’s Flies” has won a Watty (2021) in the Sci-Fi Category.

Umm, just a little bragging (sorry), but I’ve reached the Watty’s shortlist with three stories over on Wattpad. “Cheeks n’ Geeks” & “Anna In The Garden” and “Foston Slacks – Time’s Flies”. So, if you like, check those out on that other site, perhaps?

I’ve been writing every day (just about) since January 2020. Before that, I hadn’t written anything more than a couple of short stories and a couple of chapters for books that went nowhere. Since I started writing properly, I’ve written over a dozen novel-length stories, all available over on Wattpad.

Here, I’d like to do some exclusive stories.

So, I’ve started a little story called “Leaves”. I’m not certain how often I can update it (I write a lot and fitting this in might prove difficult), but there it is. Tell me what you think. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy your writing and whatever you read.


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