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I am a full time Teacher in the real world.


My passion is writing compelling, unique tales that combine Science-Fiction, Post-Apocalypse, Supernatural, and Urban-Fantasy together.


I currently have Fifteen Published Novels which can be found on my Amazon Page.  Most of my offerings are Mature rated, but I am building a series of New/Young Adult stories (I rate them at about 10+) because I want my students to be able to read at least some of my works.


I use sites such as this or Wattpad or Fictionpress to help me hone my craft.  I do this by posting WIP chapters and invite feedback and critique.  I’m excited to see a new place to get that feedback!


I’m hoping that I can find a niche of like-minded creators with a passion for exploration  and melding of genre’s into something unique!

Do I look like a myth to you?

Cabal from "The Only Half Saga: Endgame"


Not a Fan of Supernatural? You don't have to be! This is a GREAT Fanfiction!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 1, 2021

I will be the first to say I know Supernatural only through tangents with my daughter’s love of the show. But Frankannestein does a superb job of drawing me into this world of Demons and their Hunters, those gifted in more ways than most, and the journey of the dead throughout!

I am always excited to see more chapters come from this author as she is brilliant in her environments and makes easy work of giving us relatable characters to root for! Her OC Aya is SPLENDID!

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