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Word Count: 19,713


by Alexander


Word Count: 19,713

10 Chapters

Join Eheste Lozerief–Hero of Earth–and the other six Heroes as they unlock the secrets of Meiste and themselves together. Though they fail over and over again, nothing will stop their courageous determination… right?


Eheste Lozerief–the Hero of Earth–is no stranger to failure. Since the Hero of Life’s death, she’s tried countless times to explain how magic works, but she always winds up with more questions than answers. That was true until she met In Iziser, the King of Zeneste and Hero of Cognition. Together, Lozerief, Iziser, Taguchif (Hero of Doom), and Hotautebz (Hero of Mind) all work together to uncover the mysteries behind the Magic of Meiste: what happened when the Hero of Life died?

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