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Don't have a cover pre-made? That's okay - you can upload a background image you like and our editor will let you add text and other cool stuff to it. If you don't provide an image, a default one will be added. You can always change this later.

Poetry and Historical Fiction will be under "Original".

Mature content includes explicit violence, sex, or language.

We use the term “explicit” frequently when referring to sexual content. “Explicit” means extensive or detailed descriptions of scenes involving sexual acts. For example, a scene that “fades to black” before any truly sexual description begins is not considered explicit. Scenes that involve any extensive description of private parts such as genitalia, breasts, and buttocks will usually fall under the “explicit” category. Many stories use sexual assault as backstory or character development, however, explicit scenes involving these types of acts are not allowed on Wacky Writers. Scenes that include referencing these types of acts in a backstory or character development context are acceptable but must not be explicit retellings. We recommend including a “trigger warning” on chapters that include references to this type of content as a courtesy to other Wacky Writers members. Wacky Writers considers content pornographic rather than just "explicit" when it exists solely for the purpose of sexual stimulation. Collections of “one-shots” or content that has no plot or purpose other than to describe sexual interactions between characters is not allowed.

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Add up to 25 tags to help readers find your story! We recommend adding tags that aren't "genre" tags since those are already included! ie. instead of "romance", use "enemiestolovers"!

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